How to Master 12 Bar Blues Guitar – 3 Tips You Have to Know!

12 bar blues guitar is one of the best places to start when learning to play lead guitar and probably the most fulfilling style even for the most experienced players. I know many guitarists who have battled to really make the most out their time trying to play 12 bar blues, so i chose to write this article to point you on the right course and have you making some excellent sounds pretty much instantly!

1. Learn about two or three new blues licks and merely play each lick over and over again over a backing track. Don’t worry about it sounding great right away, just continue repeating the lick until eventually you have played it over each and every section of the 12 bar. You will notice the flavor of the lick will change according to which section of the track you play it over.

2. Once you’ve become accustomed to the sound of each lick, try mixing the licks together. Once again, don’t worry if it does not sound amazing immediately, this process is focused on becoming familiar with the sounds of each phrase and slowly moulding them into something good.

3. Lastly, experiment with adjusting each lick and making them into more of your own creation. You don’t need to do much, maybe let a note ring out a little longer, or add a bend, or even remove a note or two. With practice you’ll notice that you are starting to develop your own personal sound while still holding onto the character of the original.

This is how All the pros do it. Simply learn some existing licks, or maybe a entire solo. Practice until you can play them flawlessly, then slowly but surely change them with some of your own ideas and before you know it you have your own individual playing style! Make sure you click the link below for more 12 bar blues guitar lessons to get you enhancing your skills by the end of today!

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