Blues Backing Tracks – How To Use Them To Boost Your Guitar Skills!

Blues backing tracks are an important and vital tool when learning how to play or practising your blues guitar skills. When you’ve got an array of tracks in a variety of keys, tempos and styles you’ll have the advantage of being proficient in many diverse musical situations. For example, up tempo rock n’ roll style blues will involve completely different techniques and licks than playing a slow traditional blues.

The best way to practise with backing tracks is to queue up around five or maybe more tracks and repeat them again and again. Before long you’ll have had a 30 minute practice session without realising it. Apart from playing with an actual live band, there really is nothing more fun than jamming with backing tracks, especially if they were recorded with a live band.

So how do you get the most out of them? Just learn 4 to 5 blues licks and spend some time jamming. Examine each and every lick over all of the track. Next try mixing in a number of your own ideas. It’s not hard to take a pre-existing phrase and turn it into your own creation. Just try doing away with a note or two, maybe join 2 different licks together, put in a note, sometimes letting a note ring out for a little longer can substantially affect the sound.

If you try playing with one or two new licks each week eventually you’ll have a huge library of sounds you can go to when jamming with your blues backing tracks. In addition it’ll keep your practice sessions fresh, you’ll never become bored again! If you wish to get started right now, you should definitely click the links below to download some great backing tracks and tab and audio for some awesome blues licks, you will also get some video lessons that will help you along even further!

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