Blues Guitar Course – The top Techniques To Improve Your Abilities Now!

Which blues guitar course is best? Well, taking into account how many different techniques and styles there are to learn, it will be different from person to person. If you’re seeking to improve your blues guitar skills and be adept in as many different styles that you can, then I suggest you stick to this easy practice program.

1. Learn your pentatonic and blues scale shapes. Practice them up and down, back to front in as many different positions on the neck as you can. These scale patterns make up the foundation of what is set to become your own personal guitar style.

2. Learn as many blues licks as you can. These musical phrases form the sound of blues guitar. If you would like to sound like Eric Clapton, study a number of his licks. If you want to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan or BB King, study their licks too. Like with your scales, repeat these licks until you know them inside out.

3. Practice blending the licks you have learned together over various backing tracks. Get as many tracks as possible in as many different keys, tempos and styles as you can and merely put in the time practising the licks over the tracks.

That really is all there is to it! When you learn enough licks, practice over enough backing tracks and put in the practice time, you absolutely cannot fail to improve your blues guitar skills. By following this method, you are basically training your ears and fingers to make your own individual guitar sound, just like your heroes. If you did just 20-30 minutes practice per day following this practice plan, your ability would sky rocket in no time! To help you get started, you should click the links below to download your free Blues Guitar Starter Pack, it’s got everything you need to get going today!

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