Blues Guitar Instruction – 3 Essential Tips You NEED to know!

So you’re looking to master Blues Guitar? Instruction is available in many forms on the web but here we’re going to focus on the core areas you should concentrate on so that you can boost your skills and have you playing jaw dropping guitar solos. Once you break it down, it’s really not all that difficult, by using a few tools, a sprinkle of good old fashioned practice and these key points, you can be bringing tears to the eyes of your audience in no time at all.

1. The first task is to learn the blues scale. This 6 note pattern is what gives the blues it’s sound, so learning it is the very first step on the ladder. There are five patterns to master which go over the whole guitar neck but the truth is you can play amazing solos using only the 1st pattern.

2. Study your heroes and learn as many blues licks as possible. These musical phrases are precisely what gives every single player their own unique sound. So if you study your favorite players, learn their unique licks and join them all together you begin to develop a distinctive mixture of styles that little by little evolves into YOUR style!

3.Here is the fun part. After learning the scales plus some licks, spend time playing with them over backing tracks. The more tracks you can find in as many different styles, keys and tempos as you can will help make you both a much better, more rounded player and help to keep your practice sessions from getting dull.

So, there you have it. You don’t need to invest a bundle of money on private guitar instructors, simply follow these guidelines, Learn as many licks as you can, download a bunch of backing tracks and get playing! Make sure you click the links below to get started now with your free Blues Guitar Starter Pack. You’ll have access to licks, backing tracks and video lessons to get you burning up the neck in no time at all!

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