Blues Guitar Lessons – The Essential Guide

Blues Guitar Lessons

When it comes to blues guitar lessons, the process is actually a lot simpler than a lot of people make it out to be. Of course, being able to play like Eric Clapton, BB King or SRV is going to take time and practice but if you focus on the correct areas and stick with them, you’ll find you will reach your guitar playing goals much, much quicker.

I’m going to lay out 3 steps which will give you a clear path to follow and show you which blues guitar lessons to focus on, then I’m going to show you where you can pick up and awesome download that will help you improve much quicker. So, be sure to read this whole article, as each step is equally important.

Blues Guitar Lessons – Getting Started

Blues Guitar Lessons – Step #1

You absolutely must know your pentatonic scales inside and out. In my experience giving blues guitar lessons, most people know one or two shapes (and that’s okay to begin with), but to really push your playing forwards, you’re going to need to learn all five pentatonic scale shapes. This is one of the most important blues guitar lessons, so make sure you take these on board.

pentatonic shapes Blues Guitar Lessons   The Essential Guide

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Blues Guitar Lessons – Step #2

Once you know your scale shapes, it’s essential to start using them! Grab a few backing tracks and simply practice walking up and down each of the patterns to get used to them, then experiment with making your own licks. My favorite method is to choose 4 notes from each pattern and simply play around with them. When first starting your blues guitar lessons, limit your choices slightly; you’ll find it’ll help you to find more interesting sounds. If you look at Eric Clapton, or BB King’s solos, you’ll see they get some awesome licks from just 3 or 4 notes. If it’s good enough for those guys, it’s good enough for us!

Blues Guitar Lessons – Step #3

This is obviously, just the tip of the iceberg, so if you’d like more blues guitar lessons to push you in the right direction, make sure you download my Pentatonic Scale Cheat Sheet, which you can print out for your music stand. You’ll find all 5 shapes in there, plus some killer information about converting the pentatonic into the full blown blues scale. You’ll also get my awesome pentatonic scale video lesson which will literally double your skills instantly…I know that’s a tall claim but when you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean!


Essential Blues Guitar Lessons



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