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Blues Lessons – Guitar

Right after mastering the basics of playing guitar is a good time to choose a style to specialize in and begin learning to play in that style. It is not a good idea to begin specializing before you have mastered the basics, but once you have mastered them, it works best to begin learning the new style right away. If you are learning the blues, there are a number of blues lessons strategies that will help you learn quickly and retain the new information well enough to play proficiently with some time and hard work.

There are a few basic necessities that you should consider at the beginning of your blues journey. You need to think about the type of guitar you will be playing. Electric, acoustic and nylon-stringed guitars all have their own distinctive sound, as do steel twelve-strings which may take more time to get used to. Eventually you may want to learn to play slide guitar, but at first it is best to concentrate on the basic blues techniques. Presumably you know how to play chords at this point, but it is necessary to learn to read tablature if you have not already. Learn the twelve-bar blues progression. Perform dexterity exercises to build up flexibility in your fingers; play scales equally with upward and downward strokes until you can strum and pick notes easily both ways. Master all the foundations before you move on to the next steps.

The previously mentioned exercises are a great way to familiarize yourself with the basic blues scales as well. Break down a blues progression into a series of twelve bars composed of notes from the corresponding chords, and practice playing each bar while switching between upward and downward strokes for each note. Play until you can complete the bar with ease and without thinking about it; play it fast and play it slow. Then move on to the next bar. Try playing multiple bars at once. When you can do that, try playing the entire exercise from the first bar to the last without stopping. When you have done this, try improvising your own licks and phrases with notes from the blues scale. Become completely familiar with the scale and progression that make up the foundation of blues.

There are many blues lessons guitar strategies for different types of learners and for learners that are at different stages of their learning. Try the above steps to master the foundations. When you have done that, you are well on your way to being a budding blues guitarist.

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