Guitar Lesson Solo – How To Play An Awesome Solo

Guitar Lesson Solo

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking out today’s guitar lesson. Solo guitar playing is really rewarding and fun, if you approach it in the right way. If you’ve ever tried to improvise a guitar solo and felt disgusted by the sounds you’re making, or maybe feel a little bored with playing the same old stuff over and over again, I can help you.

Now, before you do anything else (trust me on this), make sure you know ALL FIVE patterns of the pentatonic scale. If you know a couple of them, trust me, that’s not good enough, you need all five. You’d be amazed at the new sounds and ideas you can make just by playing some new patterns.

I’m going to show you where you can download an awesome pentatonic scale ‘cheat sheet’ in a little bit but for now, I’m gonna give you the box shapes for the 5 pentatonic scale shapes here…

Guitar Lesson Solo – Pentatonic Scalespentatonic shapes Guitar Lesson Solo – How To Play An Awesome Solo

Look familiar? Like I said if you don’t already know those 5 shapes backwards, forwards and inside out, then you have work to do. There’s no way you’ll be able play many awesome solos without these bad boys under your fingers.

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Click Here to watch my awesome pentatonic scale video, which shows you a killer trick 90% of players don’t know. For a limited time, you also get my killer pentatonic scale cheat sheet, to help you really nail your scales!

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