Lead Guitar Lessons

Lead Guitar Lessons

So, you wanna play some cool guitar solos but you need a little help? Cool, you’re in the right place, I’ve got some lead guitar lessons that are absolutely essential, if you want to get off on the right foot. If you’re just starting out with this stuff or if you’ve been noodling around for a while, I’ve got some tips for you that will help, so be sure to read on.

As a guitar teacher, I always advise my students, that if they want to to good at playing lead guitar, the best place to start is with the blues. If you’re more of a rock, or jazz player, or whatever it is that you’re into, the blues is still the best place to begin, as pretty much all western music is based on the blues anyway. So the idea is, if you can play the blues, you can apply those same ideas to pretty much any genre.

So, you’re first step is to learn the pentatonic scale. A lot of guitar players know the first shape, but there are actually 5 patterns to the pentatonic and you need to know them all. Because I’m a helpful kinda guy, I’m gonna show you where you can download my free pentatonic scale cheat sheet in just a little bit. It gives you all 5 patterns and gives you some tips on how you can use it to make some killer blues sounds and there’s a lead guitar lessons video too which will help you double your lead guitar skills pretty much instantly with my sneaky little trick. Firstly, here are the 5 patterns…

Lead Guitar Lessons – The Pentatonic Scale in Am

pentatonic shapes Lead Guitar Lessons

My first piece of advice is, if you don’t know ALL FIVE of the above patterns, then you need to put in some work practicing them until you do. Of all the lead guitar lessons I could give you, this is the most important one.

Lead Guitar Lessons – Grab This Download!

Now my next piece of advice is to visit THIS LINK and download the ‘Pentatonic Scale Cheat Sheet.’ This downloadable, printable guide will give you all 5 pentatonic patterns, some key tips on the blues scale and gives you access to my ‘Pentatonic Trick Video Lesson’ which gives you a killer tip to double your lead guitar skills pretty much instantly. CLICK HERE NOW to check it out!

Essential Lead Guitar Lessons

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