Play Blues Guitar – My Essential Guide

Play Blues Guitar

If you’re looking to play blues guitar, either as a beginner or if you’re more experienced, you’re in the right place. There are far too many site out there that put out ‘fluff’ content, that you don’t really need. Learning to master or play blues guitar really is pretty simple, as long as you stick to the basic, building block areas you need to focus on. If you follow these steps, trust me, you’re on the right track…

Play Blues Guitar – Step One: 12 Bar Blues

You must have a basic knowledge of the 12 bar sequence. It’s really very simple to play in any key. Check out this chord chart, which shows you a twelve bar sequence in the key of A.

A /// A /// A /// A /// D /// D /// A /// A /// E /// D /// A /// E ///

This tells you to play A for 4 bars (A /// = 4 beats or 1 bar) followed by D for 2 bars, A for 2 bars, then 1 bar each for A, D, A and E.

Play Blues Guitar – Step Two: Pentatonic Scales

Once you can play the above sequence, you need to learn and play the pentatonic scale over the top of those chords. Again, once you can do this in 1 key, it’s very simple to play them in any of the 12 keys.

Here are the patterns you need to learn. To begin with, try learning pattern 1 only and practice playing it over the top of a 12 bar blues backing track.

pentatonic shapes Play Blues Guitar – My Essential Guide

Play Blues Guitar – Step Three: Visit This Site

Now you have a basic understanding of the chords and scales you need to learn, allow me to help you supercharge your skills in double quick time. If you CLICK THIS LINK you’ll be able to download my ‘pentatonic cheat sheet’ which you can print out for your music stand. It also has some top tips inside to help you play blues guitar and make some awesome sounds. You’ll also get access to a video lesson I highly recommend. So, don’t waste time struggling, make sure you CLICK THIS LINK now!

Play Blues Guitar

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